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Wedding Photographer Düsseldorf - Colone - Köln

Capturing the moment - professional wedding photography by Alexander Vejnovic

Your very own wedding will most likely be one of the most important events in your life. Whether you are a future wife with stylized fantasies about the perfect wedding in the back of your mind or an upcoming husband who simply wants to capture this moment with the person you love the most, your wedding will be one of the events you will never forget. Let me help you on your journey by providing the most exciting, vibrant and emotional pictures you could imagine – and much more.

Reasons for hiring a wedding photographer

Have you ever seen a wedding without hundreds or even thousands of pictures accompanying it? Neither have I. I am a professional wedding photographer and throughout my career I have helped dozens of couples with their wedding photography. Sure, you could ask one of your friends to do the photography for you, but would you not rather see him celebrate with you and let a professional take care of "the job"?
The advantages of hiring me as your wedding photographer are numerous. One of them is the high amount of diversity of my work. I can take a few pictures of the most precious moments and leave it at that – or I could accompany you the entire day and create a whole wedding diary, if you wish. There aren't really any boundaries to speak of. I can deliver highly polished pictures or raw "spur of the moment" snapshots to you. I can provide tasteful black and white photography or exhilarating and vivid photos in dazzling colors and contrasts. You make the choice and I will see that I transfer this choice into beautiful pictures for your photo album.

Taking the best possible photos of you and your partner

Another advantage of my work is that you will hardly notice me at all. No couple wants their wedding to be destroyed by a stranger lurking around who nobody really knows. This is precisely the reason why I will stay in the background throughout the day – if that is your wish – and take pictures that show you and your wife or husband at your most intimate, funny and happy moments. You will soon forget that I'm even there, which means that you do not need to carry around unnecessary thoughts like "Is the wedding photographer taking pictures right now? Do I look good?" This makes both you and your partner look more natural and it will help show you off as the persons you really are. If you ever ask yourself "Where is the wedding photographer?", it means I have done my job well.

A place in history

I guarantee that I will capture every moment of this most important day. Even years later, you will be able to go back in time for a few moments and relive the memory of that day with your partner. I help keep this event alive for you and in return you will be able to share almost forgotten feelings, emotions and thoughts once more with him or her.
If you are interested in my work and what I have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or the contact form on my website. I am looking forward to hearing from you – and your partner, of course.